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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Feb. 25, 2019 2 years ago

The city approved a car wash for Granada Pointe. Here’s the Facebook response.

Opinions continue about Granada Pointe development.
by: Guest Writer

Honestly, thank God we live in a city that a car wash is our biggest concern.

— Chuck Wagner


Say no to food trucks because it will be detrimental to other businesses, but put another car wash in less than two miles from one who’s been a staple in our community. Yes, that makes sense.

— Stephanie Gonter


Two other car washes within a 1/2 mile!

— Rich Malkus


We have quite a few car washes in Ormond Beach already and the lines are never very long. As a beach community, how is another car wash going to bring in more visitor dollars the way a few more good restaurants would? Or do we not care about bringing in more businesses?

— Irv Birenbaum


Whatever happened to the elected officials representing the voice of its community. So many have forgotten the representation for their own agenda.

— Edie Ann


Obviously, the CC is the voice of big money. They could care less about what the people want...

— Barbara Venema


Don’t destroy Granada anymore.

— Carol Meader-Gilliam


Was there ever really any doubt that this would happen? Politics takes precedence over public choice. It will always be that way.

—Chuck France


Another case of the Commission caving into Paul Holub!! Things never change. Developers do not support candidates without wanting favors in return.

— Ann Beunk Leemkuil


I tried to vote them out. Was I the only one paying attention? Now we’re are stuck with the same old crap. Will the stupid car wash exit onto Granada or into a housing community?

—Margery Kostman


Why do they bother with the dog and pony show if they’re going to approve it anyway? Zero faith in the government.

— Rob Fiorino


What were the commission's other options? Who else wanted to put up their hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a business there? Who else? Another tattoo parlor?

— Pam Connor


Too bad this problem wasn't corrected during election time. They continue to go against the citizens wants and they're still in office. Ridiculous what they're doing to Ormond. I think the majority of residents want the small town feel that Ormond has had for so many years.

— Kelly Day Goss

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