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Ormond Beach Observer Friday, Jun. 24, 2016 3 years ago

These senior citizens really need a new karaoke machine

One of the most popular events at Signature Healthcare was Karaoke Fridays — and it's up to you to bring it back.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

Personally, I always think walking through the halls of Signature Healthcare in Ormond is more like walking through a college dorm than it is a nursing home. 

You see bulletin boards colorfully decorate nearly every wall with event calendars, recent accomplishments, notable residents and one framed column written by a pretty blonde reporter (sorry, had to). You hear roommates bickering with each other about not getting enough sleep due to one's constant chatter mouth. And everyone — and I mean pretty much everyone — loves to sing karaoke. 

While the mess and destruction of a college dorm is obviously not present at Signature, the sense of community and desire to just have some fun definitely is. 

So much in fact, that the facility's activity director, Heather Hastings, started Karaoke Fridays to kick off the weekend. Something I will soon be trying to convince my boss to do at our office. 

Favorite sing-alongs included "You Are My Sunshine," "God Bless America," and "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." 

The popular event recently ended due to the center's karaoke machine being really old and broken. It no longer connects to the TV, and the microphone is very, uh, let's just say "unreliable." 

"We're so sad because we need a karaoke machine, but we can't afford it," said resident Ellen Deising. "It takes a lot of money to entertain us people." 

I feel you Ellen, I feel you. 

Deising and the rest of the karaoke crew at Signature Healthcare are asking the community to help 'em out in purchasing a new machine so they can bring back their favorite event. And they'd like it even more if you joined them in fun and sang a few songs. 

"It'll make us all happier," Deising said. "We need it; we need the fun." 

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