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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Apr. 14, 2022 2 months ago

Tonight: Mr. and Miss Seabreeze pageant

The annual event is 7 p.m. Thursday, April 14.
by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

This year’s Mr. and Miss Seabreeze pageant, a tradition dating back to the 1940s, will take place April 14, at the Seabreeze High School auditorium, with tickets for $10, on 

This year’s event will be based on the movie, “The Greatest Showman,” with a circus theme.

Among the past contestants are Walter McCoy, who went on to win a gold medal in the 4x4 relay in the 1984 Olympics. He is now a paraprofessional at Seabreeze.

Christina Bridgeman was a first runner up in a previous year and is now also a paraprofessional at the school.

Dana Beninati was a first runner year up, returned as culinary director, and now works for the Food Network.

Seabreeze High School is located at 2700 Oleander, Daytona Beach.


Past winners

1940- Konky Kendrick (f)                                                                   

          Hank Horn (m)

1959- Sandra Stedman (f)

1960- Marie Fajardo (F)

1961- Terry Ford (F)

1962- Stephanie Counts (f)

1963- Jan Dunn (f)

1964- Pat Niles (f)

1965- Cathy Hallman (f)

1966- Kathy Barton (f)

1967- Eloise Velie (f)

1968- Dawn Shea (f)

1969- Beth Talley (f)

1970- Juliette Stripling (f)

1971- Terry Browning (f)

1972- Kim Snead (F)

1973- Margaret LaMee (f)

1974- Anna Fren (F)

1975- Diane Hobbs (F)

          Jamie Wilson (M)

1976- Cindy Kiel (f)

1977- Walter McCoy (m)

1978- Jan Reeves (f)

1979- Tina West (f)

1980- Bruce Mitchell (m)

          Sherry Hyre (f)

1981- Angie Walters (f)

1982- Sherry Smith (f)

1983- Sue Kersbergen (f)

1984- Jonathan Levine (m)

          Cindy Aiken (f)

1985- Carolyn Janus (f)

          Daniel Donohue (M)

1986- Robert Lewis (M)

1987- Wendy Stevens (f)

          Time Thomas (m)


1988- Bonita Howard (F)

          Kurt Wipperfurth (m)

1989- Dicy Hudson (f)

          Tracey Williams (m)

1990- Lisa Roth (f)

          Army Graham (m)

1991- Tiffany Ferencek (F)

          Vincent Hall (m)

1992- Molly Strasser (f)

          Tyrone Weems (m)

1993- Brad Sargent (m)

          Patricia Cagle (F)

1994- Will Rizzo (M)

           Paige Dirscherl (F)

1995- Deanna Dutting (f) 

1996- Barrett Johnson (m)

          Erin Glover (f)

1997- Kelly Parsons (F)
          Jeremy Bellows (M)

1998- Mike Weber (M)

          Beth Bethea (F)

1999- Shawna Wenger (F)

           Amir Khadra (M)

2000- Christina Roy (F)

Brandon Williams (m)

2001- Stephen Kampa (M)

           Heather Friedman (F)

2002- Ollie Collins (M)
           Miriam Lemnouni (F)

2003- Jason Hardy (M)

           Sonhia Wachuku (F)

2004- Mike Dorough (M)

           Rachel Smith (F)

2005- Marques Toliver (M)

           Meagan Foley (F)

2006- Mike Mucciolo (m)
2007- Leagera Danielides (F)

           Terek Bekdernah (m)

2008- Alex Glover (m)

           Rachel Schimenti  (f) 

2009-Ashley Townsend  (f)

Brad Buckley  (m)

2010-Gracie Winchester  (f)

Philip Temple  (m)

2011-Santasha Hart  (f)

Sebastian Caliendo  (m)

2012-Jessie Lawson  (f)

Miles Wilson  (m)

2013-Taylor Allen  (f)

Kevin Bogdan  (m)

2014-Isabella Sayger  (f)

Justin Marquez  (m)

2015-Summer Foley  (f)

Jared Austin Shelite(m)  

2016-Sara Tomarelli  (f)

Lucas Boatner  (m)

2017-Alyssa DeJesus  (f)

Demetri “Blu” Diaz  (m)

2018-Caroline Strong  (f)

Alan Greene  (m)

2019-Kalea Colvin  (f)  

         Patrick Ryan  (m)

2020-Jadyn Koneski  (f)

Tim Moore  (m)

2021- Taylor Olson  (f)

Pierce Casey  (m)

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