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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019 9 months ago

Two women arrested for stealing clothes for 'god kids'

This week in Cops Corner...
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

Sept. 5

Soliciting scammer

11:18 a.m. — First block of Sandcastle Drive

Larceny. A resident was scammed out of $400 after paying an alleged tree trimmer in cash for work he was supposed to do later that afternoon. The man never returned to the house. 

Police report that the man approached the resident and offered his services, mentioning that he had done work for the resident's neighbors. He provided a handwritten quote of $700, and after the resident paid him the deposit, he was never heard from again. The resident was given a business card, but misplaced it.

The resident asked the neighbors, but they said they had never had work done by anyone matching the man's description. However, they had seen him soliciting in the neighborhood before and believed it was a scam. 

The resident waited four days to report the incident. Police asked to be contacted if the resident found the man's business card.

Sept. 12

Not my kids

2:37 p.m. — 1500 block of West Granada Blvd.

Petit theft. Two women were arrested after they stole 22 pieces of clothing from a local supermarket, telling police the clothes were for their "god kids." Both of them had cash in their purses, and the reporting officer was advised this was not use to buy the clothes because the kids weren't theirs — just other kids they help out due to financial hardships.

Because the women didn't have any prior convictions of thefts, they were released and issued notices to appear in court.

Sept. 13

Checks and balances

10:58 a.m. — 1200 block of Gallaten Road

Fraud. A resident selling  a car part online received a fake check for almost $3,000, which the sender indicated was to cover the shipping of the part, and then some. 

The resident brought the fake check to the police department and filed a report. He informed police that he received an email asking if the part was still available. When he replied, he received a scripted response, instructing him to hold the package and wait for a check to arrive in the mail. The resident replied saying it was a cash only deal, but the check still arrived. 

Thankfully, the resident didn't ship the part out before cashing the check.



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