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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Nov. 16, 2015 3 years ago

To Viktor go the spoils

Sandcrabs' Toth wins two gold medals at the state swim meets.
by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

I’ve always chuckled at the way most of us criticize sports athletes, who have mastered their crafts in ways we can only dream to do. For example, I’d throw myself a party, if I were ever able to ice skate around a rink once, but, when an NHL player makes a mistake, I may call him out, although they race up and down, spinning and turning, while trying to hit a small puck.

Also, I’d love to be able to simply float in water. As of now, I can go from one side of a pool to the other, but, if I were to stop, I’d probably cease writing columns. Maybe I should speak to Seabreeze’s Viktor Toth about giving me lessons; he’s pretty much a fish in human form.

When I wrote my previous article about Sandcrabs’ Viktor Toth at the end of October, he had no college offers, was coming off of a conference championship but was looking to win district, regional and state swimming titles. Three weeks later, he’s committed to swim at the University of Florida, and has won competitions in each of those divisions, including two gold medals for the 50- and 100-yard freestyle medleys at the 3A State Championship Friday, Nov. 13, in Stuart. The previous years, he had only gotten close.

“Yeah, I finally won,” Toth said, “The times didn't satisfy me, but I'm happy that I won.”

At first glance, his response may come off a bit arrogant, but those who are great aren’t content with merely winning; they always want to better themselves in their particular field. Toth’s biggest rival is always his last performance.

Also, Toth’s season doesn’t conclude at states. Next month, he’ll swim at nationals, where he place in the upper 50s two years ago, and he’ll also be racing in the Olympic trials this summer. Although he achieved personal records in both of his wins, Toth knows the times he needs to compete among the nation’s bests. Having already accomplished his short-term goals with his fastest times, I’m confident he’s only getting started.

Jeff Dawsey began his professional journalism career and his Observer employment in August of 2014. He is currently the Palm Coast and Ormond Beach Sports Editor, and he also writes business for just Palm Coast. In 2014, he graduated from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville...

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