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Ormond Beach Observer Saturday, Apr. 4, 2020 1 year ago

Volusia County is now allowing people to exercise on the beach

A day after closing all its beaches, Volusia has relaxed its prohibitions. Beachgoers can walk, jog, bike, fish, surf or swim.
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

While Volusia beaches remain closed, the county is allowing people to use them for exercise.

The county has relaxed the prohibitions of exercise-related activities on the beach, and will allow people to walk, jog, bike, fish, surf or swim, according to an update issued by Interim Community Information Director Kevin Captain on Saturday, April 4. However, sunbathing, sitting in chairs, organized sports, or congregating in groups is not allowed. People must maintain a minimum of six feet apart, and when beachgoers complete their exercise activity, they must leave the beach.

This update comes one day after the county closed the beaches and announced violators could face a second-degree misdemeanor charge with a $500 fine. 

"The decision to close the beach was intended to bring our county closer to stay-at-home measures of state and federal government," said Captain in the update. "The decision to close the beach was largely an effort to reduce and prevent people from traveling to the county specifically for the purpose of going to our beach. To remain consistent in messaging to potential visitors — and residents — the county closed the beach as an additional effort to blunt the expected upward curve of COVID-19 cases that health experts confidently anticipate."

Beach Safety will continue to fly the double-red flag, the update states. Those who choose to swim will do so at their own risk, as lifeguards may not be on duty. 

The county asks residents to please stay at home if possible. 

“We are facing real dangers in this community and in our nation,” said County Manager George Recktenwald in the update. “Volusia County will continue to monitor the situation and make the best decisions for the safety of our citizens.”

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