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Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Apr. 28, 2019 10 months ago

Vote no, no, no and no

Vote will affect local government
by: Guest Writer

Four-Year Terms? Vote NO. One of the current city commissioners has told the story of talking with a constituent during one of his early campaigns. (Paraphrasing) "If I think you should have a four-year term, I'll vote for you again after two years." I like her sentiment. Anyone who favors commissioners getting four-year terms, I encourage to vote for them again.

Staggered Terms? Vote NO. I've heard the argument on both sides of this. The pro-staggered terms side says "we want to keep the institutional knowledge going and have at least a couple city commissioners there that have some experience." The other side say "the institutional knowledge is with the city staff." I have to agree with the latter. The city commission is not meant to be a full-time job. For city staff it is a full-time job.

Primary Election? Vote NO. In the event of three or more candidates qualifying, this would move the election from the General to the Primary. The issue here is that most people don't participate in the primary election process. Many voters are not focused as heavily at this time. Also, lesser known candidates do not have as much time to become known to their constituents in the event of a primary. Many organizations will hold their "get to know the candidates" events leading up to the general election and not the primary. An Instant-Run-Off voting method on the general election ballot is a much better and more fair way to conduct elections with more than two candidates.

Term Limits? Vote NO. We should have a representative government where as many different individuals have a chance to put their ideas for improvements forward into action. I would be in favor of this question if it was not coupled with extending terms and had a lower cap of six or eight years versus the proposed 12 consecutive years.

Joe Hannoush

Ormond Beach


Joe Hannoush


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