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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020 2 weeks ago

Walsh endorses candidates who promote business growth

Ormond city incumbents have Observer support, as well as Bonarrigo, Denys and Leek.
by: John Walsh Publisher

We are proud to announce our candidate endorsements. 

Over the years we have changed our approach. Some years we enlisted staff members to be a part of the process. Other years we have invited non staff members to be involved. This year we are taking another approach. The following endorsements for 2020 City of Ormond Beach and Volusia are my personal views. My views are not with outside influence but are the culmination of conversations with friends, associates, community leaders and other like minded citizens.

Last week we presented our Election Guide, in which we asked candidates standardized questions by each race. We asked each candidate to answer by using a scoring matrix: 1 means strongly disagree and 10 means strongly agree with each issue. Before receiving the candidates’ scores I, too, scored each question as to how much I disagree or agree, and then I matched up my answers to the candidates’ scores to see which candidates I align most with. 

It should be no surprise that, as a publisher of a newspaper, I support measures that will promote business growth. Greater business growth means more advertisers, as well as more jobs for you and your neighbors.


City Commission 

This year it was easy because it seems our incumbents were aligned in their positions, and the challengers were aligned in theirs. 

I endorse the re-election of the incumbent candidates: Zone 1, Dwight Selby; Zone 2, Troy Kent; Zone 4, Rob Littleton; and Mayor Bill Partington.

I agree with Ormond Beach mayor and commissioners in supporting the extension of Hand Avenue, investment in future development at the airport and business park, continuing to work with developers to preserve our quality of life, and their dedication to protecting our environment with programs like the septic-to-sewer conversion, adhering to state and federal wetland regulations, and their dedication to keeping our taxes and crime rate low.

I get it, growth is a challenge. But nowhere is the city of Ormond Beach nor our commissioners advertising, “Hey, move to Ormond Beach!” Instead they realize that by the year 2030 Florida’s population will increase by 6 million people and the city of Ormond Beach will get its share of them regardless. We need to be prepared.


County Council

I endorse the election of Barbara Bonarrigo for Volusia County County Council District 4 and Deb Denys for election as Volusia County Chair because they are dedicated to bringing the aerospace industry to Volusia. The aerospace industry will provide great benefit to Volusia County, including a variety of jobs, investment in commercial development and recognition to our area that will be a catalyst for additional development opportunities providing stability to our economic future. 


Florida House

I endorse Rep. Tom Leek for re-election to District 25 because of his demonstration of leadership serving Gov. Ron Desantis on economic issues the state has faced during the pandemic, his commitment to free market, fighting back regulations that are detrimental to local businesses and the state economy, his efforts to preserve our environment, his involvement in the 2019 Prescription Importation program and his belief in families’ rights for choice in education. 


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