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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Dec. 30, 2013 6 years ago

WHAT TO WATCH IN 2014: Former county candidate McLeish wants to make a difference


Shannon McLeish's 'Air Occupy' radio show runs weekly on WELE.


Shannon McLeish believes in getting involved in the community. Her work with Citizens for Ormond Beach, her radio show and possible future political involvement bears watching in the coming year.

McLeish, a local business owner, ran unsuccessfully for the District 4 seat on the Volusia County Council in 2012, but she has not closed the door on running for office again. In fact, she thinks anyone who cares about the community should consider it.

“People who are involved, even if it’s just with a soccer league, have more contacts than they think,” she said recently. “They should consider running.”

She is currently the webmaster for CFOB, a civic group, and their main project right now is to identify empty houses in the city. They plan to compile a list and turn the information over to the city government to see if anything can be done to resolve the problem.

On her radio show, Air Occupy on WELE, 1380 AM, McLeish and her partners, Liz Myers and Jerry Bolkcom, both attorneys, explore issues that affect the community, such as the environment, banking and finance, by interviewing experts on the subjects. The show airs at 11 a.m. on Tuesdays.

“There are plenty of opinion shows,” she said. “We want to get as many facts as possible.”

The Air Occupy radio show grew out of the “occupy” movement that began with Occupy Wallstreet.

McLeish said she believes the financial crisis that occurred was caused by banks and is still being played out. She is concerned as a parent and business owner.

“People are still out of work and losing their homes,” she said.

She said small businesses should be supported because they care about the community.

“You’re not going to pollute the community you live in,” she said. “The large corporations don’t have ties.”

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