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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Jul. 31, 2017 2 years ago

Where are the priorities in Ormond Beach?

Also in this week's letters: why Ormond Beach shouldn't help fund the First Step homeless shelter in Daytona Beach.
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

Dear Editor:

We've lived in Ormond for almost three years now and look forward to getting the weekly news in the Observer. Today's paper really got me when I read about the spending habits of the city commission. The headline was "City OKs funding for homeless shelter" when it should have been "City spends half a million dollars on dog park." 

Two of the commissioners were quoted about how building a dog park was all about quality of life. Yes, I'd like a right turn lane at the intersection of Granada and southbound Nova. That would improve my quality of life. It would probably cost less. Mr. Littleton appears to be the only one with any concerns about how tax dollars are wasted.

Debate has raged for years about the homeless situation in this area. Visitors and locals alike see the homeless holding up signs at intersections, off 95 and Granada, begging for money near the beach and hanging around businesses, living in the woods behind our houses (yes, mine included). On the other hand, my neighbors seem perfectly fine walking their dogs in our neighborhood. There is a newly built dog park at the Halifax Humane Society on LPGA. How many people actually use a dog park on a regular basis - or is it just a "nice to have." In a nutshell, years of debate about putting 82K toward a homeless shelter, but virtually no qualms about 500K for a DOG PARK with half going to an organization to run it (was that even put out for bids?).

That's significant spending with what appeared to be little or no debate or advance notice. Where are the priorities in Ormond Beach? Who are the "numerous residents" clamoring for spending that kind of money to build and operate a dog park? It's a little sickening that so many "good people" seem to have no qualms about spending my tax dollars on pet recreation benefiting very few people, but to heck with human beings.

Thanks for reading,

Bonnie Powell

Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach shouldn't have to fund homeless shelter in Daytona or the public dog park

Dear Editor:

How about that? Our City Commission allocates $82,000 for the First Step Homeless Shelter in Daytona Beach, and $500,000 for a public dog park. That makes mayor Tarkington "proud". It makes me slightly nauseous.

The correct allocation of public assets for either project is zero. If Daytona wants to build a first step residence or a five star hotel for homeless persons, that's just fine. Let them pay for it. If dog owners want a park in which to prance their poodles, that's fine too. Let them pay for it. The only public money I would spend on dogs would be reserved for an euthanasia facility used to eliminate any uncontrolled four-legged beast who had a record of leaving impressions of their teeth on human body parts. 

Alan Hovey

Ormond Beach

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