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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2013 6 years ago

Where in the world is Bruna' Foster?


With hopes of reaching the pros, Bruna’  Foster is playing for the Wyoming Cavalry, of the Indoor Football League. 


Bruna’ Foster is still chasing his dream. It’s a chase that has taken him to Casper, Wyo., where it’s cold and the bus rides are long.

I wrote about Foster, a Mainland product, in January, after he took part in a pro day at Daytona Beach Municipal Stadium, in front of Canadian Football League coaches, among others.

That story may have been written, edited, printed, read and forgotten, but Foster’s story isn’t over, and it could just be getting good.

Three games into the Wyoming Cavalry’s season, in the Indoor Football League, Foster is leading the team in tackles, while also playing special teams.

“He’s gotten better every week, with some aspects of his game,” coach Ryan Lingenfelder said. “He’s obviously one of the better players on the team. He’s not a vocal leader, but people know he works hard.”

Foster grew up in Ormond Beach and played college football at Grambling State, in Grambling, La., so the weather, and the culture, have made for adjustments beyond the football field.

Since he didn’t set foot in Casper an already-seasonsed square dancer, some teammates took the 6-foot-2-inch, 235-pound linebacker out to teach him.

But Foster is in Casper for one reason, really, and it’s not to boot, scoot or boogie. He’s there to catch the eye of a coaching staff, likely a Canadian one, at a higher level than the IFL.

“That’s just what I’m shooting at, to get them to take a shot on me,” he said.

And the same as after that January pro day, he believes that getting that shot has a lot to do with film. Film doesn’t lie, Foster said. And with a little luck, it can transform into an offer.

And that’s why he’s in Casper. It’s not the weather, or the country music, or the combined 62 hours on the bus for the first three road games.

He’s in Casper because it represents an opportunity.

“For every Bruna’ Foster on this team,” Lingenfelder said, “I have two players who don’t have that opportunity ahead of them.”

But Foster does have that opportunity, and Lingenfelder said it’s only a matter of time until a team is ready to “pull the trigger on him.”

Foster’s story isn’t over.

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