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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018 1 year ago

Winners and losers from last week's Observer

Writer says OB Life last meeting should be cancelled.
by: Guest Writer

Dear Editor

Big Winner - Kay Burniston for her admirable attempt to seek middle of the road post-election cohesiveness after the in-your-face signage on the Paul Holub property at N. Old Kings Road and Granada Blvd. This was typical of Holub, Ormond Proud, et al. Kudos, Kay. Keep the faith.

Loser - Ormond Beach Observer's lengthy explanation (twice the size of Ms. Burniston's letter) of Holub's signage folly. The signs were placed on the property in a timely manner late Friday afternoon (Nov. 2). I suspect they knew there would be no City interference over the coming weekend. I cannot help but feel that the City became aware of the infraction on Monday (Nov. 5), one day ahead of the election. In this day and age, it does not take rocket science to determine the ownership of a property, and notification to same, to remove said signs in one day (which would have been Tuesday, Nov. 6).  If that scenario had happened, there would be no signs Wednesday morning (Nov. 7). Just sayin'. (Editor’s note: City staff says they were notified late Monday and gave the owner a 24-hour notice Tuesday morning.)

Biggest Loser - Terry D. Mone for the ridiculous article extending the election negativity. Shame on you.

Honorary Loser (Again) - OB Life - After two suggestions/recommendations to cancel the senseless continuation of these improperly contrived meetings, the administration continues to plod forth in an attempt to entertain a dwindling audience. (Editor’s note: Mr. Kolaska made the two suggestions in letters to the editor.) Is there anyone available at the management level of the City to cancel the final episode scheduled for late January?  There is no way you can present conclusive results from the electronic Q & A since June.  There is nothing to "wrap up" or "summarize" other than the whole program was a mistake from the git-go. The grand total of ALL attendees at the six events (approximately 600) does not qualify, or quantify, as an informative sampling of the Ormond Beach population. In fact, approximately 50% of the attendees were at the first two sessions. A small percentage of attendees were from surrounding communities.  Their participation in the Q & A meant for OB citizens skewed the results. Stop the sham. The election is over. Get the tax paying citizens of Ormond Beach some kind of refund for the $30,000+ expenditure that was laid out to counter the emergence of CANDO2

Ed Kolaska

Ormond Beach

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