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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Apr. 11, 2017 4 years ago

Woman hits two road signs, then tells officer it was the 'best thing that could have happened to her'

This week on Cops Corner.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

March 20 

Sandwich money 

7:25 a.m. — The 1400 Block of West Granada Boulevard 

Grant Theft. The general manager of Jersey Mike's Sub Shop told police that after the previous night's closing shift, he noticed the money was missing from the safe. Surveillance footage showed an employee move boxes and a trash can in front of the camera's view of the safe, take money from the safe and place it in his waistband.

The manager called the employee and confronted him, and the defendant said, "I know, I messed up." The defendant returned $300 of the $1,069 that he owes. Officers have not been able to reach him and both the general manager and the district manager want to press charges. 

March 25

Take a bite 

9:07 p.m. — The 700 Block of South Atlantic Avenue 

Assault/Battery. The victim told police that a friend showed up to his hotel room at Atlantic Cove with the suspect. Because there were too many people in his room, the victim asked the suspect to leave. The suspect became angry and tried to fight the victim. 

The victim grabbed the suspect's arms to hold him down, and the suspect bit his right arm and then hit him ni the head with a chair. The suspect fled but left his cell phone at the scene. 

March 26

Positive attitude?

1:25 a.m. — The 800 Block of South Nova Road

DUI/Refusal to Submit to DUI Testing/Possession of Schedule 4 Narcotic. An officer witnessed the defendant drive her car into two road signs, where it became stuck. When he approached her vehicle, the defendant was grasping the steering wheel and looking straight ahead. When asked if she was okay, she responded, "This was probably the best thing that could happen to me," followed by, "I will just take the DUI and no I won't blow."

She also spontaneously uttered, "I drive a 94 Saturn, there must be something wrong I only had a few beers." During a search of her vehicle, officers found a single white pill, a half-drank open Corona Light Beer, closed Corona Light Beer and an empty bottle of Captain Morgan.

March 27

No shame 

7:43 a.m. — The 1500 Block of West Granada Boulevard

Retail Theft. A Walmart loss prevention officer told police he witnessed a suspicious man placing items in his cart and then making no attempts to pay for them. As the suspect exited the store with the unpaid items, the officer confronted him and identified himself as an officer. 

The officer asked the suspect if he had a receipt, and the suspect said he did not and casually walked away, leaving the unpaid items with the officer. 


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