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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014 6 years ago

Woman moves to Ormond, finds love, thanks to 'angel's voice'


A woman moved to Ormond-by-the-Sea after listening to 'an angel.' Three years later, she was married to the love of her life.


It's one thing to go with your gut. But following a voice in your head? That's something else entirely.

Recently retired from a career in education, Babs Lupoli lived in Maryland near her two grown kids, and she was ready for a little downtime with her boyfriend. But after a trip to Florida, something told her it was time for a change.

“I was in South Carolina playing golf with my friend, and this voice comes down from above me,” Babs said. “This male voice, very rich, comes down and just kept saying the same message lovingly but firmly, over and over. I’m assuming it’s an angel, and I can tell my boyfriend doesn’t hear it. The voice was completely surrounding me, saying, ‘Move to Ormond-by-the-Sea.’ I knew that it was something from God, and I had to follow it.”

After shocking her boyfriend and family, Babs moved to Ormond-by-the-Sea just four short months later. And today, years later, she’s glad she did.

“I went down to the beach to talk to God,” Babs said. “I said out loud, ‘I’m ready. I’ve read God that you say that it is so difficult living here on earth that you have picked out a partner for all of us to help us as we live here, if we want one. And I said I do want another partner. I’m ready whenever you want to send that partner to me.’ Three months later, I met my husband. “

Bill Lupoli, a self-proclaimed blind date skeptic, agreed to go on one when a friend told him she knew a girl who had a zeal for life just like he did.

“I was standing outside waiting for the girls,” he said. “My friend said, ‘I wonder what Babs looks like.’ She starts walking by and I said, 'That’s her.' ... We talked for four hours and kissed on the beach. I really felt like I had met this wonderful person.”

And it was hard for him to hide the fact that he had just met the love of his life. He met up with his daughter soon after and the first thing she told him was, "Daddy, you're glowing!"

“After that, everyone meeting me was telling me," he said.

Soon, the Lupolis were seeing each other every day. Just months after meeting each other, in April 2006, they were married in the gardens behind Ormond Memorial Art Museum.

“I met this man three years after I moved here, and none of these men who I chose to be in my life knew God or had any spirituality,” Babs Lupoli said. “I met this guy, and he’s the first man in my life who knew God very well. We celebrate God together. We don’t go around saying hallelujah every minute, but we are grateful. We’ve been married ever since, and we feel very lucky.”

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