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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Jul. 22, 2013 6 years ago

Wynn-Wynn: Father, three sisters make it work at finance firm


Three sisters had to overcome sibling rivalries to join their dad in running Greg Wynn Financial Services Inc.


It’s all in the family at Greg Wynn Financial Services, Inc, a company that consists of a father and his three daughters, working in harmony.

But it wasn't always so peaceful. The sisters had to overcome sibling rivalries and conflicting opinions in order to be successful, father and boss Greg Wynn said.

“It has been fantastic,” he said. “Watching them evolve into a working unit has been a treat as a parent. It’s been fascinating to watch.”

One of the daughters, Galin Wynn Crist celebrated her 25-year anniversary working with her father this month. Kristin Wynn Moore started with the firm seven years ago. Erin Wynn Masters joined about five years back.

All raised in Ormond Beach, the daughters say that starting work together was an adjustment. At first, they say, it was anything but smooth sailing.

“I had worked with my dad for 20 years,” Crist said. “I knew the way Dad wanted things done. They had new ideas.”

Masters and Moore say they had been working in a corporate environment and were not accustomed to everyone in the office having an equal voice.

“We all have strong personalities,” Moore said. “We were raised that way.”

But after a few clashes, “the contest” was born.

Each daughter was given an area they needed to improve by their father. During a month-long period, the daughters would give each other marks on how well they were improving. At the end of the month, they received a bonus if their improvement was adequate.

The contest continued for three months, and each month, everybody got their bonus.

But it’s still a work in progress.

“We may have another contest,” Kirstin Moore said.

Even though they have their disagreements, the Wynns all say that they enjoy working together.

“I love it,” Moore said. “I wouldn’t work anywhere else.”

Masters agreed, saying, “We’ve got each other’s back and help each other. It was an adjustment at first, but we’re in a groove and it’s really good.”

The daughters each have distinct roles in the organization that fit their specific skills and personalities.

“Galin is the glue that holds it all together,” Greg Wynn said. “She’s the administration person. Kirstin is great at working with people and handles the marketing. Erin is a first-class financial advisor. She likes to study and learn.”

For this family business, the key to a smoother operation is honesty.

“We communicate, communicate, communicate,” Crist said, “sometimes loudly.”

“We are brutally honest with each other,” Greg Wynn added. “If you screw up, you hear about it, but not in a negative way, in a positive say.”

Wynn said the daughters are motivated to work as a team because they are all owners. The daughters own a total of 70% of the company, while he owns 30%.

Although he is reducing his role in the business, he says, he is not planning on retirement.

Having the whole family working together has been rewarding for the Wynns, but it was never the  plan. Moore previously worked as a newspaper sales representative, and Masters was in a bank's financial planning department before joining staff.

Another behind-the-scenes member of the team is Greg Wynn’s wife, Carol, who takes care of the grandchildren. Each daughter has one son and one daughter.

“I love it,” Carol Wynn said. “I’ve taken care of the kids since they were born. Now my job is taking them to the doctor and picking them up after school. I’m the most blessed mother and grandmother.”

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