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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, May. 16, 2017 6 months ago

XTRA POINT: Let the usual trash talk against Mainland begin

I guess trash talk has never hurt anyone.
by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

Another local opponent for Mainland, which only means more trash talk — even for an exhibition game.

I don’t know whether area teams are more obsessed with talking trash to the Bucs or if they’re actually trying to beat them. Now that Denzel Houston is gone, it wouldn’t surprise me if those teams believed they can beat Mainland, although it hasn’t happened in five years.

What often bothers me is the unjustifiable arrogance toward Mainland. If Spruce Creek were to win three quarters against Mainland this Friday (starters only play for three quarters), I’m sure those who have been talking would declare. “I told you this was going to happen!”

But, if they were to lose, it would be expected. Mainland wouldn’t get any credit, and the Hawks’ players and supporters’ predictions would soon be forgotten about. So, why should their potential “winning prediction” gain any credence?

Ever since Joe Namath’s famous Super Bowl III prediction, America has been fascinated with the underdog prediction. But I don’t easily forget the other side. What if the Jets would’ve lost? No one would’ve cared that he wrongly predicted against the dominating Colts.

That’s why I didn’t predict Mainland would win the state title last year. Miami Central has consistently beaten the Bucs, but reporters continue to predict they will win the title. I don’t doubt they will win it one day, the prediction power has lost credibility. It’s similar to sitting on a slot to win the jackpot. Of course it may come.

In the same way, one day Mainland will lose to an area team. But, I won’t predict it unless said team is clearly the more dominant.

I look at it this way. If we should exalt a correct prediction, we should also hold the wrong ones accountable.

Or, instead of predicting these kinds of games, let’s just see what happens when the game day arrives. I’m sure both teams understand those three quarters are for bragging rights. It’s feels better to brag after a win than it does to talk trash before a game — only to lose.

Jeff Dawsey began his professional journalism career and his Observer employment in August of 2014. He is currently the Palm Coast and Ormond Beach Sports Editor, and he also writes business for just Palm Coast. In 2014, he graduated from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville...

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