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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020 3 weeks ago

Year in Review: The best Cops Corners in 2020

2020 was weird enough. Here are the top Cops Corner entries for this year.
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

March 2

Dude, where's my car?

8:35 p.m. — 1500 block of West Granada Boulevard

Information. A 57-year-old Ormond Beach man who forgot where exactly he'd parked his car reported that someone had stole it from the supermarket parking lot, only to find it as the officer had just sent the vehicle's information to be flagged as stolen. 

When the reporting officer arrived at the scene, the man told him his day had been "extremely stressful" and that, while he was shopping, he forgot his keys in the ignition. He divulged that his day had consisted of getting driver's license and registering his vehicle, and that he was also going through a bankruptcy. The officer noted in his report that the man mentioned his stress level "multiple times."

In the end, the man had parked his vehicle in another location. He drove off after police cleared his vehicle of being marked as stolen. 

May 21

The doctor will not see you now

1:35 p.m. — 300 block of Clyde Morris Boulevard

Disorderly intoxication. A 42-year-old Ormond Beach man was arrested after he punched walls inside a local medical building to the point that his knuckles bled.

According to his arrest report, staff in the building had seen him drink vodka and the man said it was due to high blood pressure and that he needed the vodka to bring his heart rate down. He was escorted out of the building and when police arrived, he was sitting down in the parking lot yelling that the doctor was not willing to see him. 

Because he continued to yell and scream in the parking lot, and refused to leave, police placed him under arrest,. In the backseat of the patrol car, he began spitting and kicking everywhere, the officer noted in the man's arrest report. He was taken to jail

Aug. 10

Chicken wing rage

12:30 p.m. — 200 block of West Granada Boulevard

Battery touch/strike. A 60-year-old Daytona Beach man was arrested after he threw chicken wings at a fast food employee while in the establishment's drive-thru and issued threats to hurt him. According to the police report, the man got angrier when the employee shut the drive-thru window and refused to give the man a refund for the chicken wings he threw. 

The employee told police that around noon, he received a phone call from a man asking if they had chicken wings, and inquire about the price. The man put in an order and when the man arrived in the drive-thru, he was given his order and payment was made as customary.

The report states the man returned to the drive-thru speaker box and started yelling. The employee asked him to pull up to the window so he could speak to the manager, which was when the man began hurling his meal at the employee. Afterward, the man tried to enter the dining room, but it was locked due to COVID-19. 

About 15 minutes, later the man called again and threatened to shoot him and shoot all the black employees, the report states. The employee called police, and soon after the reporting officer arrived, the man called again and threatened to put "bullets in the heads." The man was eventually apprehended outside his home, and denied any involvement in the incident. 

Oct. 26


7:45 p.m. — 100 block of Williamson Boulevard

Indecent exposure. A man was arrested by police after he exposed his genitals to a restaurant manager who told him to leave the area because he was standing in the drive-thru asking customers for money.

Police report the man then began "shaking his genitals" and telling the manager to "call the cops, they won't do anything," according to his arrest report. Once at the scene, the reporting officer made contact with the man who began cursing at the officer. 

After refusing to identify himself and answer the officer's questions, and continuing to curse, the man was placed in handcuffs. Police were unable to identify him, and transported him to jail as a John Doe. 

Nov. 20

Dumpster fire

9:34 a.m. — 100 block of Domicilio Avenue

Vandalism. A local school's dumpster was set on fire early in the morning, launching the campus adviser into action to put it out. When one of the assistant principals arrived at the scene, the dumpster was still smoldering and had to be hosed down. 

The sides of the dumpster were charred, according to the police incident report, and the led was melted and the inside contents burned. While searching the dumpster, a burnt skillet was found. Video footage from the school showed two adults approached the dumpster, possibly through a cut section of the fence, and ignite the fire. They continued walking the campus "while searching for opportunities to commit crimes," the report states.

The dumpster is valued at $800. 

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