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City Commission
Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Sep. 25, 2012 7 years ago

City to withhold portion of payment to median firm Servello & Son


City officials are unhappy with the work done by road median firm Servello & Son, highlighting a lack of landscaping.


Citing discontent over work quality, city officials will allow road median firm Servello & Son's contract with Ormond Beach to expire this month, while withholding a portion of the company's contracted payment.

Servello & Son has been criticized for not finishing out the remainder of their contract, leading to diminished landscaping along Granada Boulevard, between Clyde Morris Boulevard and Williamson Boulevard.

“The new company is going to have to come in and have all this catch up work to do,” Commissioner Bill Partington said. “They shouldn't have to do it, but they will, because they're new and want to do a good job.”

On Oct. 1, Austin Outdoor will take over the landscaping duties for the city's medians. Staff from the company have already met with city officials to identify areas in need of improvement.

Servello & Son declined to comment.

In an email to City Manager Joyce Shanahan, Paul MacDonald, the city’s landscape architect, said that a portion of the city's payment to Servello & Son was withheld, on the basis that the company “decided to maintain as little as possible for the remainder of the contract.”

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