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County Council
Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012 6 years ago

County to install light shields to help newborn sea turtles


Volusia County will install nine street light covers in Ormond Beach, helping newly hatched seas turtles head towards the water, instead of the street.


In order to make early life easier on newly hatched sea turtles, Volusia County will install nine street light shields along A1A, in Ormond Beach.

The shields, which will shade light on street lamps facing the ocean, are meant to help turtles  reach the water safetly after hatching, instead of following road glow, believing it to be the reflection of moonlight off the sea

The installation of the the three-sided light covers on the street lights, which are owned by Florida Power and Light and will be leased to the city, will be paid for the by the county, although grant funding from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Sea Turtle Conservancy will be utilized.

The long side of the shield covers, which have been approved by FPL for wind-load requirements, will face the water and direct the light onto the road.

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