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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2013 5 years ago

A look back: the year in sound bites


Revisit these quotes of the year, brought to you by the Ormond Beach Observer.


Ahh, journalists. We always like to turn complex issues into one- or two-sentence blurbs. And that's exactly what we're doing today, unabashedly, as we look back on the news stories of 2013.

What are your votes for the biggest stories of the year? While you ponder that, here are  my votes for the best "sound bites" as published in the Ormond Beach Observer this year.

Jan. 24

"Had I known they were doing it, I wouldn’t have shown up, honestly."

— Brian Daly, on being surprised with a proclamation saying Jan. 15 was Brian Daly Day, for helping with the Home for the Holidays parade

Feb. 14

"Life is short. Smile."

— Sign held up (for no good reason at all, other than to get people to smile) on the Granada Bridge, by Jarod Hopkins, Sierra Schlossberg, Kyle Cannon, Joshua Webster and Matt Myers

Feb. 28

"I believe that two years from now or so, when we’re required to put this (on the balance sheet), we would be pretty much not solvent. And along with 75% or 80% of cities and local governments throughout the United States, (we’ll be) eligible for bankruptcy."

— Mayor Ed Kelley, on the prospect of Ormond Beach being required to account for unfunded pension liabilities

March 7

"Right now, the wind is our enemy."

— Bob Mandarino, Ormond Beach fire chief, as the fires raged on Durrance Lane.

March 21 — (Quote of the Year)

"I think that’s probably the best looking gas station I’ve ever seen."

— City Commissioner Bill Partington, after seeing the plans for the Sunoco gas station at Granada Boulevard and U.S. 1.

April 11

"She believed in every child and every teacher."

— Susan Persis, principal of Pine Trails Elementary School, about her predecessor, Barbara Paranzino, who died April 2.

June 20

"This park was truly a home run, and it truly screams, 'Ormond Beach!'”

— Robert Carolin, leisure services director, explaining the popularity of Andy Romano Beachfront Park

Sept. 4

"It’s worth every cent."

— Partington, on the improvements to Granada Plaza and other community redevelopment areas.

Oct. 17

"This was a heck of a town in 1901."

— Bill Jones, after being recognized as Citizen of the Year by the Citizens for Ormond Beach, for his work in restoring buildings on Granada Boulevard.

Oct. 17

"Families come in on Sunday morning, and we’d like to offer a mimosa."

— Carlos Soldevilla, owner of La’s Bistro, asking the City Commission to change the laws regarding alcohol sales on Sundays.

Nov. 7

"The good overwhelms the sad. There’s nothing wrong with being sad."

— Carol Miskewitz, a volunteer with the Make A Wish Foundation, on how she can stay positive while helping children with life-threatening illnesses.

Nov. 14

O"ne of the last things my husband told me was to keep dancing."

— Jennifer Stogner, one of the women featured in the documentary “Ballroom Confidential,” which is about women who dance as a way to cope with grief

Nov. 21

"When people show up to one of our meetings, it’s cool. They are directing us. They care. They know it’s about the kids."

— Linda Costello, Ormond Beach representative on the Volusia County School Board, speaking about the 85 people who signed up to voice their opinions about the chapter on Islam in the 10th-grade history textbook.

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