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Tire gauge has more than one usage
Ormond Beach Observer Saturday, Apr. 18, 2015 5 years ago

Prowler has elaborate story

by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

Also: Serious littering and unlicensed roofing

April 14

Where’s the party at?

10:13 p.m. — 100 Block of Ocean Shore Boulevard.


The owner of the oceanfront house said an individual rang the doorbell and was observed peering into windows and trying a door knob on the side of the house. When the victim told the suspect to leave the property, the suspect said, “Oh, I didn’t know where I was.”

He then sprinted down the driveway and ran north on the street.

After an officer made contact with the suspect, the suspect said he went to the house because he was told by a friend to go there for a house party. Once he got there, he realized he had been tricked.

The suspect said his friend did this because he wanted to get him out of the house because they were throwing him a surprise party for a new toy he had developed with a Sony play station controller. The suspect had a controller with him.

He gave the officer the number of the house where he was staying, and said he was going to buy it tomorrow. When asked how much he was going to pay, he said he did not know. The officer went to the address, and found there was no party or no people, just the suspect’s bicycle leaning against the house. He was arrested for prowling.


April 15

Magazine mystery

12:06 p.m. — 300 Block of South Yonge Street


The police received a report of a large number of magazines discarded along the Granada Bridge, U.S. 1, and State Road A1A. All were the same real estate publication.

The city public works director told the investigating officer it was ongoing problem and always the same real estate magazine. He said it takes many resources of the city to pick up the magazines.

When contacted, the magazine publisher said he believes someone is taking the publications from distribution stands and discarding them along the road. He did not have any suspects. The issues on the street were current, and not being collected for destruction.

It appeared that the person who discarded the magazines started south of the city, went north on U.S. 1, turned east on Granada Boulevard and then turned north on State Road A1A.

April 15

Don’t believe a business card

12:28 p.m. — 200 Block of Riverside Drive.


The victim said she was having roof problems and noticed a roofing worker next door. He gave her a business card with a company name, so she believed he was a licensed contractor. He gave an estimate of $2,500 for her roof and she agreed to the repair.

The suspect worked on the room for two or three weekends, and she paid him the money. Later, the roof continued to leak so she called the suspect. He came back for more work, but the roof continued to leak and damaged her ceiling and cabinets. After that, he did not return her phone calls.

She called the company that was listed on the card, and the owner said he had no record of work being done at her home. When told that the suspect did the work, the owner came out to the house and said the suspect had been doing side work for years, representing himself as the company. He said the suspect had been fired, and his company would take care of the damages to the home.

The business owner said that he had made a police report in New Smyrna Beach, involving the suspect and a similar incident. In the New Smyrna report, the suspect said he had been given permission to do side work, but admitted he was not licensed to do so.

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