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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2016 3 years ago

Man gets called 'terrorist' in Ormond McDonald's drive thru, pays for woman's McMuffins

Donna Polito said that morning a bad situation was quickly overcome by something good.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

Ormond Beach resident Donna Polito was on her way to the beach June 14, when she decided to stop by the McDonald's at 105 Interchange Blvd., to pick up some McMuffins. It was 8 a.m., and the line was unsurprisingly six cars long. So long in fact, that one woman attempted to cut. 

"Another girl in a truck was coming up in a line that really wasn't the drive thru window," Polito said. "The guy in front of me did not let her in because apparently she was trying to cut in front of everybody, and they started having words." 

The debate quickly heated up to the point where the woman trying to cut called the line-defender a "terrorist" about six times, according to Polito. 

"He was a young guy, dark complected, but she didn't know him from Adam, and she's calling him a terrorist," she said. "She finally left the line in a huff and took off like a bat outta heck."

Polito told the man to not let the comment get to him and that everyone's nerves on edge right now due to the mass shooting at an Orlando gay club June 11. 

"I said she shouldn't be doing that and to try to shake it off," she said "It's terrible that you can't go through a drive thru without being accused of something." 

Well the guy in front of Polito and the wrongly accused man heard the whole thing and decided to pay for that man's meal. What he didn't know is that that man would pay for Polito's meal and she would pay for the person behind hers. The cashier who was at McDonald's that morning said the paying it forward only went through one more car, but it was still something to be recognized, especially in the eyes of Polito, who was so shocked by the random act of kindness that she forgot to take her McMuffins and had to go back inside. 

"I just thought it was pretty cool," she said tearing up. "That with all that has happened, something good can come out of something really negative. Strangers talked, and it worked out." 

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