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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016 3 years ago

Harold Briley receives big support from Observer readers

Dwight Selby also gets support for City Commission.

Harold Briley will make our city better

Dear Editor:

I have been blessed to live in such a great city as Ormond Beach for 41 years, and, like most that live here, I try to do what I can to make it better.

Years ago I worked for the recreation department with Frank Henry, helping kids with sports. I think all of us do what we can to make our city better, but then there are people who make it a big part of their life to do more than the average citizen. One of those we are lucky to have running for Zone 4 city commissioner, Harold Briley.

I have know Harold for years, and he has always been giving of his time to serve this city in a variety of positions. He has been on the planning board for 16 years, as well as serving as past president of Ormond Mainstreet. These are just a couple of the ways he has worked through the years to make our area a better place to live.

I hope the citizens of Ormond Beach give him a chance to work further for our city by electing him to the City Commission next Tuesday. I know we all will be rewarded to have his knowledge and experience representing us on a daily basis to continue making our city great.

Ray Stephens

Ormond Beach


Recommendation for Briley is right on

Dear Editor:

In this election season, where so many of us are saying, “Is the best we can do?”, it feels good to know that we have the best choice possible with Harold Briley.

Harold is a honest, hardworking, smart candidate who understands the needs of small businesses, the importance of low taxes and the voters’ desire to keep the standard of living high in this beautiful city of Ormond Beach.

I have talked with him, and I am confident he also understands how important it is for us to never let this city become like so many neighboring cities, where crime and homeless vagrants have destroyed businesses and communities.

His knowledge of the city through his service on city boards and his living in this community for 44 years is unsurpassed. This choice is the easiest on the ballot.

Todd Mowl

Ormond Beach


Briley will benefit all zones of Ormond Beach

Dear Editor:

Although I am not a currently a resident of Zone 4, my wife Sally and I have live in Ormond since 1973. It has been my pleasure and honor to serve with Harold Briley for many years as a member of the Ormond Beach Planning Board. He has served as both chairman and vice chairman and enjoys the respect of his fellow board members.

Mr. Briley has dedicated his adult life serving the city of Ormond Beach and our residents through various boards and committees, and, because of his love and dedication for Ormond Beach, he deserves our support in his bid to serve our great city as the Zone 4 city commissioner.

I sincerely hope that the voters of Zone 4 will elect Harold Briley to the City Commission so the residents of zones 1 ,2 and 3 can benefit from Harold's vast experience as a volunteer for, and his immense knowledge of, the city of Ormond Beach.

Doug Thomas Sr.

Ormond Beach


Briley’s ‘values and talent’ make him the right choice

Dear Editor:

Please consider your vote for Harold Briley as Ormond Beach city commissioner. Harold is a first-class individual with the passion and knowledge to lead the citizens of Ormond Beach.

Ormond has always been one of the special cities in Florida, so I ask you to make sure we entrust our city’s leadership with a person of Harold Briley's values and talent.

Pat O'Malley

Ormond Beach


Briley is a man of integrity

Dear Editor:

It is with great confidence that I recommend Harold Briley for the City Commission Zone 4 seat in Ormond Beach. Over the last 16 years, Harold has tirelessly served in leadership positions on the Ormond Beach Planning Board, Development Review Board and Ormond MainStreet, as well as many other committees. Through this work, Harold has demonstrated his tireless commitment to Ormond Beach.

Additionally, having worked with Harold professionally for several years, I have witnessed his integrity in all aspects of his business and the respect he garners from his peers. I believe that Harold's honest, pragmatic approach to issues, combined with his experience and proven leadership makes him the best choice for the Zone 4 seat.

Janet Dannehower

Ormond Beach


Briley’s community service makes him the right choice

Dear Editor:

Harold Briley has been an asset to the city of Ormond Beach for many years. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him since we were students at Seabreeze High School. Since then, he has gone on to serve in countless positions with the city of Ormond Beach, including Planning Board and Development Review Board. He has been active with the Chamber of Commerce and Ormond Mainstreet. Truly, his dedication to the city has earned him my recommendation for City Commission.

John J. Adams

Ormond Beach


Vote for Harold Briley in Zone 4

Dear Editor:

I am writing regarding Harold Briley, a life-long resident of Ormond Beach, who is running for City Commission Zone 4.

Harold has served this community for the past 16 years as a Planning Board member and Ormond Mainstreet, and is the chairman of the East Volusia Community Traffic Safety Team. I have known Harold for over 20 years through the Daytona Beach Street Rod Club. I have worked with Harold at Adams, Cameron & Co. Realtors for over three years. Harold's heart and soul is in this community and the betterment of our citizens.

Marge Allison

Ormond Beach


Dwight Selby is the right choice for Zone 1

Dear Editor:

I’m writing to express my support for Dwight Selby, candidate for Ormond Beach City Commission Zone 1.

I’ve personally known and worked with Dwight for almost 20 years. Dwight has always impressed me by his sound judgment and fair approach while making decisions. His commitment for our community has been consistent for many years, always caring about Ormond Beach and its direction for the future.

Dwight will help lead our city down the path of fiscal responsibility and positive growth.

Lewis M. Heaster

Ormond Beach


Vote no on medical marijuana

Dear Editor

Vote no on the medical marijuana ballot initiative of 2016. It is best and wisest never to promote anything that is harmful to the human physiology and health, especially that which distorts reality.

It is a fact that medical marijuana is already available to patients suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease, through a law known as the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014, signed by Gov. Rick Scott on June 16, 2014.

The law provides for physician prescription control of marijuana, to be administered via oil form or vaporizer, and distributed through hospitals. The smoking form of marijuana is prohibited, due to the presence of carcinogens found in all smoke. Moreover, there is now compelling evidence on the growing risk of marijuana smoking’s associated adverse cardiovascular effects, especially in young people. It is also found that cannabis mutates DNA.

Don’t be na├»ve. There are clever, fat cats involved in the 2016 ballot initiative. The purpose of this broadly written initiative is to promote the recreational use of cannabis, big time. Do the citizens of Florida want their communities saturated with “pot shops”? Do our communities want to promote the unhealthy habits of smoking and all the suffering and costly problems that will surely follow? Certainly not.

Marijuana is classified as a hallucinogenic. The short-term effects of marijuana smoking include impaired coordination; difficulty with thinking, concentration and problem solving; shortened attention span; decreased alertness; impaired learning and memory; and euphoria. Addiction may also occur. Marijuana use is considered a gateway to hard chemicals and drugs.

Moreover, there are forces in our society that know it is much easier to motivate and govern when the citizen-consumers are overwhelmed with impaired judgment and euphoria.

Please vote no on the medical marijuana ballot initiative.

Charles R. Heehler

Port Orange

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