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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, May 8, 2018 10 months ago

Was the Jeff Boyle story relevant, or 'smut'?

Here's what your neighbors are talking about.

Jeff Boyle was my teacher, and he provided me with alcohol when I was 17

Dear Editor:

I read the recent article in the Ormond Beach Observer about Jeff Boyle and knew that I needed to respond. For Mr. Boyle to say that the girls' accusations were "fiction" really sickened me. I believe every word of the alleged victims. I also believe there are other girls that are too scared or embarrassed to come out. 

My friend and I used to go to Mr. Boyle's house in the early '80s. We were 17. He provided us with alcohol. He would read us flowery quotes from Leo Buscaglia's books. He treated us like we were adults, and we basked in his attention. 

I remember that he was engaged at the time to a former student who was away at college. I also know what my friend told me about her interactions with him, but that is not my story to tell.  

I was at his house several times at his invitation. I did not stalk him. He provided me with alcohol. He was my teacher. I was 17. 

I wish I had known about the two girls who were allegedly affected by his actions in the late '80s, early '90s. I like to think that I would have said something then. I wish that I had told my mother or my principal when these things happened to my friend and me. I also wish that Mr. Boyle had moved to Montana. I believe that Seabreeze would have been much safer for female students.

I no longer live in Ormond Beach and have no interest in the politics or development there. I am, however, astounded by the people who say this is in the past and has no bearing on the character of Mr. Boyle. They have no idea of the chaos and misery that this adult authority figure put young girls through. I know that my friend and I are still dealing with the aftermath of having been unfortunate enough to have had Mr. Boyle as our teacher.  I am sure others are, too. 

Laura Schumaker

Riverview, Florida

Jeff Boyle coverage was pure 'smut' and unprofessional journalism

Dear Editor:

Unbiased, professional, local news journalism is a high honor bestowed upon the few who can bring a reader to the heart of an article dealing with the current facts associated with that story, which can make the reader aware of particulars which may involve them or others regarding that story.

The overbuilding of Ormond Beach, Granada Boulevard, which has already surpassed its traffic capacity during peak hours, is transforming from old growth vegetation to concrete outlets housing mostly typical junk stores, restaurants and gas stations by means of zoning changes approved by the City Commission, all despite a packed house of private residents opposing the change and style of buildings associated with the change. 

The slanderous 30-year-old smut printed by the Ormond Beach Observer trying to demean a person and cause, which is trying to preserve the environment and lifestyle of Ormond Beach by means of more controlled growth, is typical of a smut-and-trash-style magazine and undermines the dignity of professional journalism.

Jon Zimmerman

Ormond Beach 

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